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All rights reserved. was founded in 2007 by Pam and Jennifer Jasinski in response to the comment that no matter whose event they attended there was always some issue that caused them to not enjoy their time at the event. 
Whether it be bad food, poor chairs, not enough table space, or just an event that was oversold and not organized as well as it could be, There always seemed to be an issue. Why be unhappy when you have spent a whole day making your memories stand out on 12 by 12 pages. Matt's suggestion was to tell
them to "do their own" and was born.

​We started out small. 12 people at our first day crop in a small room in a small hotel with the food in the room and everyone piled on top of each other. It was not a good start, but virtually all of the first attendees were able to come back and enjoy the
changes we made after that day. We moved our events to the Corpus Christie Church Hall in Elsmere, then to the Aetna Firehall in Newark to our current location in Newark at the Ebenezer Church Hall.  

​Over the next year roles and
responsibilities changed. Pam & Jen would enlist the help of Matt Jasinski (Pam's Husband - also President and CEO of the parent company CROPOPOLIS) to do the setup and tear down of all the event required items like tables, chairs, sweeping, and general "Guy Stuff" this morphed into CROPOPOLIS. 

After Jennifer departed the business to pursue other avenues the parent company (CROPOPOLIS) elected that Matt, in addition to the responsibilities of the parent company, take on the role of co-owner of with Pam.  (this might be
embellished by the web designer a little).

​The addition of CROPOPOLIS to the day crops caused a surge in business mainly because "who doesn't want custom paper?"

That single addition is directly responsible for to bloom into the blossoming day and weekend scrapbooking event business that currently is. (More embellishment I am sure).